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AIRCROSS™ is a Commercial Air Purifier Partition (CAPP) that is ideal for open-plan offices and other commercial spaces. AIRCROSS™ offers a high level of protection against viral aerosols in the immediate proximity of individuals through its unique combination of a protective partition, air curtain, and air purification in one system. This makes AIRCROSS™ the world’s first air purification partition to offer these protective features. AIRCROSS™ was granted a patent in May 2023 by the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA), and the initial testing phases on the prototype have been successfully completed. The project is privately financed and has also received partial financial support from a federal funding program by the government of the Federal Republic of Germany.



The exhaled air is extracted along both sides of the transparent AIRCROSS ™ partition in the immediate proximity of people, thus ensuring complete air purification. Only air purification in the proximity of people can filter the air locally in a controlled manner, while conventional air purifiers allow virus-laden air from the emitter to spread uncontrollably in the room first, only to filter it at another point.



The transparent partition of AIRCROSS ™ provides physical protection from infectious droplets and small aerosols, plus AIRCROSS ™ enables a unique draft-free, air-purifying comfort zone in the immediate work and use environment. Only a partition protects people in the close-up area from virus-laden droplets, which are produced, for example, by coughing, sneezing or moist pronunciation. These types of aerosols have a particularly high virus content. 


AIRCROSS ™ creates an air curtain shield of purified air through the protective system's multi-layered partition. Partition walls alone are not enough, because Aerosols also find their way past them or float above them. The laminar air flow of the AIRCROSS ™ partition, on the other hand, can prevent aerosols from floating over the Plexiglas pane. In addition, AIRCROSS ™ thus enables a unique draft-free, air-purifying comfort zone in the immediate working and usage environment.

Image by Razvan Chisu



Thanks to its modular design, the AIRCROSS ™ system is highly scalable. AIRCROSS ™ can be used as a built-in ventilation component integrated into a cavity floor, as combination on the floor or as a mobile air purifier that can be used flexibly.  Several air filtration methods (e.g. HEPA filter, UV-C radiation) are applicable.

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