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Our mantra is to create a NEW NORMALITY IN BUSINESS.

AIRCROSS ™ is a unique Commercial Air Purifier Partition (CAPP) that is ideal for open plan offices and commercial premises to make these usable again in times of pandemic and Post-COVID. AIRCROSS ™ has now been officially patented by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA).







Virus-contaminated breath is transmitted between people in all kinds of life situations. SARS-CoV-2 and other airborne diseases create a compulsion for social distance.

Virus mutants race against vaccines and are not sufficient on their own. New pandemics emerge regionally and seasonally. How can effective protection against viruses and viral aerosols be ensured?

Lack of

Home offices or wearing masks cannot be solutions for businesses in the long run, nor is vaccination alone enough.

What is really needed is to jump on the next curve of innovation to create a new normality. What are the right answers to these challenges?

 Disruption of space use

Infection risks are highest in rooms, accounting for over 95% of all cases. Working environments can no longer be used efficiently due to clearance rules.

This is very costly for companies and affects their productivity enormously.

How can companies get back to normal? 

Discover the solution

The AIRCROSS ™ system explained in a nutshell by video

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